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Sophisticated And Strategic Litigation Services

Last updated on September 29, 2023

Litigation is sometimes a necessary tool for individuals and businesses to achieve the outcomes that they need. Though minimizing the exposure to litigation is important, using it and responding to it strategically can protect your best interests.

At BourgeoisWhite, LLP, we use sophisticated and powerful legal advocacy to represent business entities and individuals in complex litigation. We practice civil trials and appeals in Massachusetts courts of all levels. Some of the issues we frequently handle include:

  • Complex tort litigation
  • Contract disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Inheritance, trust and estate litigation
  • Family-owned business disputes
  • Consumer product liability
  • Premises liability
  • Zoning and land use litigation
  • Internet defamation and abuse litigation

Most of our clients come to us via referrals and word of mouth. It is a testament to our legacy of client satisfaction and successful outcomes that so many previous clients would recommend our services. When you need a team that can deliver personalized service combined with power, you can rely on BourgeoisWhite, LLP.

Mobilizing Quickly On Your Behalf

One of our most appealing qualities is our ability to organize quickly to litigate your case. Whether you seek representation, already have an attorney or have in-house counsel, we can jump into action to assist you immediately. We understand the necessity of swift, efficient and coordinated efforts when preparing for a trial. Our responsive services do not come at the cost of quality. Balancing these two critical factors is paramount to effective representation.

Discuss Your Litigation Needs With Us

Our team is prepared to advocate for you to the fullest extent of our abilities. Contact our office to speak with us in greater detail about your needs. To schedule an initial consultation, please contact our office in Worcester by calling 508-753-7038 or by using our online contact form.